nemu kalimat ini di  dan pingin aja nyimpen di blog. Banyak makna yang mewakili kata ‘Teman’ . Mungkin yang berikut ini bisa mewakili salah satunya :

“They are the people who have never annoyed me or made me feel like they were taking advantage of our friendship.

they’re the ones who offer to help when they see me struggling and check in on me when i’m not doing so hot.

They’re the ones where i feel a very healthy give and take.
i can say anything to them and they can say anything to me.
they are the people who would help me hide the body. they stand by me no matter what.
they genuinely like me and think that i’m a very good person and i feel the same about them. those are the kinds of friendships everyone needs.”

So temans, do we have a friend like that? 🙂