Poem by : Dakota Ellerton

The way that he lies,

couldn’t make things more obvious.

The way he’d look in my eyes,

and make me feel like the only one,

couldn’t have been further from the truth.

What point were you trying to make,

by ripping my heart out?

You took my insecurities,

and told the world.

You left me so vulnerable,

that I invited every stranger into my life.

Dare I even pretend you cared at all?

I’d suspect you of enjoying such games,

if you hadn’t come that night.

You wrapped your arms around me as I shivered.

This is,

who I am.

I will excerise every inch of my mind,

to come to a better conclusion.

Simply, there isn’t one.

I could play on repeat,

until I’m incapable of playing at all.

If I were to ever say goodbye,

It’d be at my most frail state.

I’d put my life in your hands,

and pray for mercy.